The Artist - Tim Temple

Tim Temple spends his life in the pursuit of magic light. “Capturing that moment of perfect illumination is everything in photography,” he says. “You can photograph the same subject just moments apart, with the result being two entirely different images.

An international award-winning photographer, his work often presents large-scale panoramic views. Setting his work apart is Light Compression®, a term coined for the technique he invented which draws together an entire day’s light in a single frame. Through the strategic combination of numerous exposures, Light Compression® creates an image of early day on one side of the frame that gradually moves to evening on the other.

Tim travels the globe in search of that next extraordinary image, finding subjects in locales as diverse as the North Pole, Iceland, China, India, Eastern Europe, Antarctica, and throughout North, Central and South America.

Encouraged by friends and increasing demand from collectors of fine art photography, he began sharing his passion for light with the world when he founded Temple Imagery in 2012.

Temple Imagery