Answers To General Questions

Q: How long has templeimagery.com been established?

A: Since 2012

Q: Are your works exhibited in a gallery?

A: Yes. We are pleased to be exhibited at the Michael Cross Gallery in Dallas, TX. Visit them at 5331 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite #105 Dallas, Texas 75206, or contact via (214) 906-2279 Email: crossgallery@att.net

You may also see a major installation at
The Mall at Green Hills
2126 Abbott Martin Road
Nashville, TN 37215

Upper level, just outside of Nordstrom's

Q: What is Light Compression®?

A: This is a technique developed by the artist which illustrates the passage of time within a single frame. This differs from a long exposure in that the viewer witnesses the passage of time via numerous minute captures from one side of the image to the other. This unique approach allows for objects/people in motion to appear frozen in place as they were in that moment in time, as opposed to a prolonged single exposure which would largely result in motion showing up as smears, if at all.

Light Compression® is proprietary to templeimagery.com.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept major credit cards and PayPal. Please note that the PayPal option offers 6 months interest free financing to qualified buyers, should that prove useful.

Q: What are the expected shipping times?

A: All pieces are custom executed upon being ordered. With an order in paper medium, two weeks is usually realistic, but please allow up to four weeks for an aluminum order to be completed and shipped. At this time we ship only within the United States, though international shipping may be considered.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Each piece is created to order, therefore no returns are accepted. All works are individually inspected by the artist prior to shipping to assure superior quality.

Answers About Editions

Q: Are all pieces limited editions?

A: All paper and aluminum works are produced in numbered limited editions. The Vetro Curvato pieces, while all hand signed, do NOT participate in any numbered edition.

Q: What does “standard series limited edition” refer to?

A: No image within this series will be produced beyond 333 signed numbered examples.

Q: What does “Artist Proof (AP) edition” refer to?

A: Artist Proof is a much more exclusive series. No more than 33 signed numbered examples will ever be created.

Q: Are all your pieces hand signed, or do you use digital signature?

A: All Temple Imagery pieces are hand signed by the artist. Digital signatures (signature replica inserted by machine during printing) are never used.

Q: Will a custom size piece participate in numbered limited edition series?

A: Yes. Client may choose to have their custom size participate in either the standard or AP series.

Q: Is your limited edition offered per size, or total issue of the piece?

A: All Temple Imagery pieces participating in a numbered series are restricted to only 333 in limited edition and only 33 in artist proof series, unless otherwise noted. This is irrespective of the sizes acquired.

Answers About Images

Q: What sizes are available?

A: Sizes available for each piece are dictated by the ratio in which the original image was created. Image ratios include 2:3 (classic rectangle), 1:2 and 1:3 (panoramic images) and 1:1 (classic square). Once an image is selected in the gallery, available sizes appear in the selection menu.

Q: Will you create custom sizes?

A: Absolutely, though the original ratios will be maintained. Custom execution will be based on measurements provided by client. Limitations of larger-than-listed sizes will be based on resolution of source imaging. Note that a custom size requested below smallest listed size will be priced equal to or greater than that listed size. Please contact via info@templeimagery.com for estimate.

Q: What does “paper” refer to?

A: Images selected for paper production are executed on high end British archival paper specifically created to maximize color impact and image detail. Prints are created via state-of-the-art high definition 11 ink process. They are shipped unmounted.

Q: What does “aluminum” refer to?

A: Images selected for aluminum production are created via high definition photographic imaging on an actual thin aluminum plate via a unique imaging technology perfected over 30 years. The result is a stunning depth, richness and detail that you absolutely need to see to believe.

While initially more costly than paper it should be noted that these examples require no additional framing and mount to the wall via the built in recessed mount system, resulting in the piece appearing to “float” from the wall surface. They use no more than the standard wall hardware you would associate with hanging traditional framing.

Q: How does a paper selection ship?

A: Paper selections are packed with protective sheeting and shipped via heavy tubes or other packaging built to carry rolled paper securely.

Q: How does an aluminum selection ship?

A: Aluminum selections are packaged one of two ways. Lighter sizes ship in custom styrofoam and cardboard packaging. Larger pieces (and all square pieces) ship in heavy wooden crating, which is reusable.

Q: How does a Vetro Curvato selection ship?

A: Vetro Curvato is thoroughly secured in bubble wrap and placed in additional packing materials within a heavy cardboard box.

Answers About Sizes

Q: What size is best?

A: Each work is produced in a specific size ratio best presenting the content of the Image. When reviewing an image consider the ratio that best suits the space you are planning to present the work as well as the presentation options between fine paper and aluminum. Here is an illustrated list of size ratios common to templeimagery.com.

2:3 Ratio

Temple Imagery

18″ x 24″ (measurement is of actual image. There will be an additional border)
24″ x 36” (actual sheet size. Includes approx. 1″ border around image)

Frameless with aluminum float mount, no border
18″ x 24″
24″ x 36″

Recessed frame, no border Note: ships in wooden crate
36″ x 54”

1:2 Ratio

Temple Imagery

18″ x 36” (actual print size. The sheet will be larger)
24″ x 48″ (actual sheet size. Includes approx. 1″ border around image)

Frameless with aluminum float mount, no border
18″ x 36″

Recessed frame, no border Note: ships in wooden crate
24″ x 36″
36″ x 72″

1:3 Ratio

Temple Imagery

18″x54″ (actual print size. The sheet will be larger)


Recessed frame, no border Note: ships in wooden crate
18″ x 54″
24″ x 72”
32″ x 96″

1:1 Ratio (Square)

Temple Imagery

18″ x 18″ (actual print size, the sheet will be larger)
24″ x 24″ (measurement includes approx. 1″ border)

Frameless with aluminum float mount, no border
20″ x 20″
24″ x 24″

Recessed frame, no border Note: ships in wooden crate
36″ x 36″
48″ x 48″